Satellite Central Utility Plant

William P. Hobby Airport


Shah Smith & Associates, Inc. designed a Central Utility Plant (CUP) to accommodate five-4 MMBTUH boilers, six-1000 ton chillers, one-500 ton chiller, heating and chilled water primary and secondary pumps, expansion tanks, filters, water treatment, air separators, control room for O&M personnel, offices, restrooms, IDF room, electrical room, emergency generators, and cooling towers.

For this project the CUP will include:

  • Three of the five-4 MMBTUH boilers and associated supporting equipment and systems
  • The design of the chilled water system throughout Schematic Design; however, no chilled water will be installed
  • Chilled and heating water piping from the CUP to the new FIS/Terminal and to the existing system
  • Condenser water piping that needs to be installed to facilitate future work.  For example, piping under pavement and foundations
  • The design of the electrical system for the CUP to the extent that the related systems are designed, for example, electrical design for the chilled water system will go through Schematic Design in the base design and through Design Development in the optional.
  • Automated controls using DDC, integrated controls with existing CUP controls
  • One new 12.47 kV electrical service from existing CNP equipment to new 12.47 kV-480Y/277V pad mount transformer for CUP switchgear
  • Integrating power monitoring system with DDC controls
  • IDF room.