Building Assessment & Validation


Assessing Critical Systems

SSA uses a hands-on approach that is methodical, practical, and results-driven.

MEPAsset 20-100

Building Assessments
(MEP Systems)

SSA can provide a variety of assessment services for proposed, new and existing buildings. Assessments are tailored to meet our clients’ needs, prioritizing cost, time, or level of detail.

Assessments can be conceptual (reviewing plans, specs, and product data), virtual (using NAVISworks and virtual reality to review building systems and identify conflicts, or in-person using on-site visual inspections. We can also bring in a team of technicians to provide in-depth testing of equipment, materials, and systems.

Short Circuit, Device Coordination and Arc Flash Analysis

SSA provides modeling of electrical systems to determine available short circuit fault current, coordination of breakers, and arc flash incident energy levels for both new and existing facilities.

Fault current levels are calculated in coordination with the serving utility and through the determination of conductor sizes and lengths throughout the facility. Device coordination is obtained through analysis of overcurrent protection time-current curves at each level of the distribution system, and arc flash incident energy levels are calculated using IEEE and NFPA 70E standards and requirements to assess the risk to personnel in the event of an arc flash event in a facility.

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