Building Information Modeling


20+ Years of 3D Modeling Expertise

Shah Smith has been a pioneer in the use of 3D modeling for central utility plant projects for over two decades, employing Revit for all design models and documentation since 2009 to ensure maximum collaboration between partners, consultants and contractors.


Clash Detection

SSA uses Navisworks to run clash detection within each of the mechanical, electrical, and plumbing disciplines. Clash detection leverages the 3D models created in Revit to find interferences among components in multiple models to improve interdisciplinary coordination.


Virtual Reality

Our virtual reality (VR) interface to multidisciplinary Revit models is a portable, fast and easy way for our clients to take to-scale virtual walking tours of building spaces long before construction begins.

VR trades the burden of consulting detailed construction blueprints for easy-to-visualize walkthroughs of equipment rooms in order to better review maintenance access to project components.

VR is a powerful and essential tool that helps to better inform teams about design specifics while enhancing quality control, as well as increasing collaboration between all parties to help ensure better outcomes as digital concepts transform into the built environment.

Augmented Reality

Augmented reality tools merge digital models with existing real-world conditions in order to better visualize renovation projects and construction administration.

Real-world physical spaces are documented with a 360° camera then merged with digital models using specialized software in order to create an augmented reality visualization that enables designers and construction administrators to quickly check design intent and alignment with existing conditions.

AR is a powerful tool to sort out and check field coordination virtually, making the construction process more efficient while holding down schedule delays and rework costs.

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