Science and Technology Building

Texas A&M University San Antonio

Shah Smith & Associates, Inc. provided mechanical, electrical, and plumbing engineering services and commissioning the Science and Technology Building at Texas A&M University – San Antonio.

This STEM building is approximately 140,500 SF and includes the following key functions:

  • Instructional and research labs for biology, chemistry, physics and geology
  • Instructional and research labs to support the campus’ cyber security program
  • Instructional and research labs for kinesiology
  • Human cadaver anatomy labs
  • Aquatics research labs
  • Vivarium research labs
  • Departmental and faculty offices to support the academic functions
  • General use and computer classrooms
  • Student services offices to support experiential learning, career services, and civil engagement
  • Lecture classrooms with demountable partitions

SSA’s design exceeded the requirements of the State of Texas Energy Code by utilizing the latest in energy conservation design concepts. The design concepts include high efficiency air cooled chillers, variable air volume air handling units, a lab trac control system for the laboratories, and LED lighting. These concepts, along with providing low flow fixtures and lighting controls, allowed the Science and Technology Building to be designed to the standards of LEED Silver.

The building is designed for future connection to central chilled and heating water systems. Lab exhaust stack heights and discharge velocities were optimized using wind tunnel modeling. Leading to a projected 50% fan energy reduction.