Reed Arena

Texas A&M University


Shah Smith & Associates, Inc. provided HVAC design for the multi-purpose Reed Arena at Texas A&M University.  SSA was responsible for making all load calculations, energy analysis, and system selections for university approval, then preparing detailed construction drawings and specifications.  The 12,000 seat Reed Arena has approximately 170,000 SF of usable space and can serve as a basketball court, graduation facility, concert hall, and other high attendance event center.  However, it must also function efficiently with minimal load.  This required an HVAC design with great flexibility to meet ventilation requirements and maintain indoor air quality standards at peak conditions while reducing excess cooling loads when the facility is only partially occupied.

The project has variable air volume single and double duct systems with variable speed drives, constant volume systems, variable flow chilled and heating hot water systems, and DDC controls.

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Texas A&M University


College Station, TX

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