Medical Research and Education Building I and II

Texas A&M Health Science Center

Medical Research & Education Building I

This“campus in a forest” integrates education, research, and clinical facilities in an inviting setting that inspires thoughtfulness, encourages collaboration, and promotes healing. Phase I included the Nursing and Health Professions Education Building (HPEB), and Medical Research and Education Building (MREB) and a new central plant for providing thermal energy.

The HPEB is a four-story building housing the education function.  The building includes:

  • Ground floor – Educational spaces consisting of three– 150 seat lecture rooms, one– 250 seat lecture hall, two seminar rooms that can be divided into and smaller spaces, and 16 small group rooms for small group study.
  • First Floor – This floor has the main entrance and houses student services, IT offices and the Learning Resource Center. The lobby also houses kitchen and dining area.
  • Second Floor – This floor is for teaching medical and nursing students. It includes a clinical testing area that is arranged where students are at all times, separated from the standardized patients and elevators.  This floor also houses several simulation centers.  These simulation spaces include patient rooms, clinic spaces, scrub rooms, and operating rooms.
  • Third Floor – This floor houses the Dean of Medicine, Dean of Nursing, and faculty and staff. This floor also includes large open collaboration spaces.

Medical Research & Education Building 2

The MREB is a five-story, 124,000 SF building that will house the Department of Neurosciences and Experimental Therapeutics and a portion of the Microbial and Molecular Pathogenesis. The building includes:

  • Ground Floor – This floor is the connector to the HPEB.  It includes the loading dock and service elevator, maintenance, mail room, custodial break room, Facility Coordinator, and staff locker rooms.
  • First Floor – This floor also connects to the HPEB and houses the majority of the food services for both buildings. Two large seminar rooms are located on this floor.  The Dean of Research and Graduate Studies, Associate Dean’s Office for the Departmental Chain for Neurosciences is located on this floor.  The vivarium is located on this level and is designed to comply with all AAALAC guidelines.  The animal rooms meet ABSL2 criteria.  A catwalk system is installed above the ceilings for access to the MEP systems.
  • Second – Fourth Floors – These floors are identical laboratory floors designed with generic wet labs.  Each lab includes casework, mobile lab benches, and utility distribution panels.  The third floor also includes a BSL-3 suite located over the loading dock. The BSL-3 Suite includes two rodent holding rooms meeting the requirements for ABSL3 spaces.  The BSL-3 facility meets CDC Biosafety criteria

Medical Research & Education Building II

SSA provided mechanical, electrical and plumbing engineering services for Texas A&M Health Science Center Medical Research & Education Building 2 to support the research program on Texas A&M Health Science Center Bryan Campus.

The four-story research facility is adjacent to the existing Medical Education and Research Building 1 and encompasses two parts. The first is the development of the MREB 2 building which will include offices, research labs, lab care facilities, Health & Wellness Spaces, Vivarium expansion, and more. The second part involves construction of two additional levels and complete the shell space of MREB-1 lower level.

Site Owner

Texas A&M Health Science Center


Bryan, TX

Project Cost

MREB 1 $180,000,000 MREB 2 $103,800,000

Project Completion

MREB 1 2014 MREB 2 2019