Engineering, Science and Technology Building

University of Texas at Tyler

The University of Texas at Tyler Engineering, Science, and Technology Building was constructed in two parts, the North and South Building.

The South Building was approximately 64,000 SF of laboratory, classroom, and administrative space.  The building houses wet labs, hazardous chemical storage, perchloric acid exhaust systems, computer labs, and large lecture halls.  The plumbing systems consist of RO Water, air, vacuum, helium, argon, nitrogen, hydrogen, and acid waste systems.

The North Building was approximately 84,000 SF.  The building infrastructure is designed to serve clean rooms, animal areas, mechanical engineering laboratories, biology laboratories, semi-conductor labs, structural testing labs, lecture halls, classrooms, and administrative areas.

To serve the  EST building, UT Tyler constructed a new central plant.  The central plant housed three-1000 ton chillers, a 450 ton condenser water energy recovery unit, packaged cooling towers, and a 250 boiler horsepower hot water boiler.  The new plant is connected to the existing campus thermal utility distribution system for increased reliability.

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