Jack E. Brown Chemical Engineering Building

Texas A&M University


Shah Smith & Associates, Inc. provided mechanical, electrical, and plumbing design engineering services for this state of the art Chemical Engineering Building. This building consolidates the Chemical Engineering Department Operations into one location.

The project consisted of offices, research and specialty laboratories, conference rooms, lecture halls, classrooms, computer laboratories, student lounges, tissue culture labs, class 100, 1,000 and 10,000 cleanrooms, and hazardous storage.

The electrical service consist of a transformer connected to the existing Texas A&M University 12 kV underground distribution system and 480Y/277V distribution in the building. K rated transformers and transient voltage surge suppression are utilized to protect sensitive electronic circuits and equipment.

A variable air volume HVAC system with pretreatment for outside air is provided. The laboratories were provided with lab-trac supply and exhaust systems.  Central compressed air, DI water, acid waste, and natural gas systems were provided. Over 250 chemical fume hoods exist in this project.

Materials Characterization Facility 

Housed within the Jack E. Brown Chemical Engineering Building is the Materials Characterization Facility. The MCF is a multi-user facility designed to support the research efforts of the TAMU community. The facility receives funding from the Office of Vice President for Research, the College of Engineering, and the College of Science.

The MCF houses the fabrication and characterization instrumentation essential for the development, understanding, and study of new materials and devices. SSA has a large user-base with investigators from most departments in the College of Engineering and the College of Science. We support educational activities involving lab tours, demonstrations, outreach, and broader impact related activities. The MCF is located on the third floor of the Jack E. Brown Chemical Engineering Building on the southwest corner of University and Spence Street.

The Henry F. Taylor Nanofabrication Facility  

The facility has its roots in the fabrication facilities developed over the years within the Solid State Group of the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department. The Nanofabrication Facility is located on the seventh floor of the Jack E. Brown Building and has over 4,000 SF of class 100 and 1000 cleanroom space. The ECE department is currently building, operating, and maintaining the facility in conjunction with key faculty within the department who have chosen to partner in this effort through cost-sharing.