When Hurricane Harvey hit Houston on Saturday, August 27, 2017, it left devastation in its wake. The United States National Hurricane Center reported that Harvey tied with Hurricane Katrina as the costliest tropical cyclone.  According to United States Weather Prediction Center, Harvey went on record as the wettest tropical cyclone with 60.58 total inches of rain in Nederland, Texas, a city 93 miles East of Houston.


Through an email chain, Houston employees of Shah Smith & Associates, Inc. checked in and posted their status once the initial rain subsided.  Some staff were informed they had to evacuate and those that didn’t evacuate, welcomed fellow coworkers into their homes. Employees from SSA’s other locations, Austin and Dallas, also tried to help as much as they could.  Some offered their hotel reward points for the evacuees to use.


Once Houston started to show some resemblance of normalcy, SSA team members reached out to their fellow coworker, Doug Barrow, who lost his home when the reservoirs were released. Barrow had to evacuate with his wife, mother-in-law, and brother before his neighborhood was engulfed by the flood water.

On September 4, a week after Harvey hit, a few employees took it upon themselves to help their co-worker in need.  Clearing out the wet sheet rock, destroyed furniture, and drying memorables took many hours, but after a few days Barrow’s house was cleared to start rebuilding.


As of March 2018, Barrow’s house has been repaired and remodeled.  He was able to get the dream restroom he’s always wanted.